Transform highly reputable offline print magazine to a successful modern online platform.

A Hyper Island project where we had the opportunity to work with AD magazine Germany. A company that have a great brand and recognition within architectural and interior design. With a team of 6 we started to get our heads into the magazine world.



AD Germany needed a conceptual proposal for an online content and eCommerce strategy linking editorial content with forms of direct sale. The concept should be the foundation for a completely new website and various (online) activities around it. The concept also has to consider that content has to be available on various devices (responsive design) and should develop ideas for adaptive content where necessary and reasonable.



This was a shorter project where the client wanted to get new ideas on how to monetize their online presence and grow the digital department. We were glad that they flew up from Germany to Stockholm and we had a good first session to build a common understanding on what the real problem was. We did a lot of research and ideation that we presented throughout the project with a final delivery of concept that included new profit streams, a visual proposal for the responsive website and a UI kit.



We got som great insights into the market of magazines and interior design during our first meeting. We mostly did desk research regarding competitors,  transitions of print-to-online magazines, german market, brand research and the architectural and interior design niche.



comments_page_mobile_v2The concept is to make use of all the readers that AD have, both in print and online. We saw an untapped resource where the communication was only one way instead of engaging the readers and make them part of the AD brand, with the moderation of AD staff. The reputation AD have is a great resource to be a top-of-mind platform where they will use their brand to facilitate the topics in architect and interior design which will give them free content and better understanding of their readers and visitors. The concept that was delivered included a strategy of different revenue streams enabling them to tag photos with affiliate links to online retailers, advertorial and

many other. An important part of this project was to show how a print magazine only is one channel to distribute your content and that the channel of distribution should be decided when the content has been created, not the other way around.

We focused the whole concept on the readers and how to get them more engaged and involved with the brand since the research showed there are a lot of passionate people who make their own quality content. Being a platform where companies and people can meet, talk and discuss about anything within architectural and interior design.



Based on many other cases and trend reports we saw that a multi-channel approach to the revenue stream was crucial. We also believe that the brand is not what you want it to be but what your readers think of it. Therefore it makes sense to invite the readers to develop the brand, contribute and interact with the platform that AD has.


Andreas Nordin,Giovana Parasmo, Pedro Piccinini, Mick Van Olst, Robert Lundh, Henrik Xu