Inviting the people of Stockholm to leave their mark on Stureplan  by adding their pulse to create an interactive and collaborative artwork.

A Hyper Island project where we had the opportunity to work with Atracta. A company that focuses on outdoor marketing on big screens. They had a vision of a new screen in the centre of Stockholm.
The brief was to make an interactive experience that would enhance the screen. With a team of 6 we started out with researching what people thought about the square, the screen and their habits and needs at the square.
We found out that the people and the needs were very different if you went there weekdays, mornings, nights or weekends. But we saw a similarity that all people needed. To break out of their habits, just to get a distraction and have some fun for a short period.


Andreas Nordin,Giovana Parasmo, Pontus Widell, Kali Adams, Robert Lundh, Ben Langeveld


A shorter project that we did during our UX/Service design course at Hyper Island. We were six students working with the process where we did research, planning, ideation and delivered the concept to the client. The clients were very happy with the concept and they presented it to the management of culture who really liked the idea.



We used different methodologies during the process. We mainly did desk research and but also went to the location, observed the area both during daytime and nighttime since there are different behaviors based on day and time.



gr_screen1To integrate the new big screen with the square and make an interactive experience for the people of Stockholm. We wanted to give something to the visitors. The concept is to have a table on the square with sensors that pick up different metrics such as heat, pulse, pressure, size etc. And with those metrics you will be able to generate your own unique artwork that you can save as a memory from Stureplan.



Our insights from the research and interviews was that most people just have the square as a meetup place and not as a place to actually hang out during daytime. We believe the big screen in combination with the interactive table will attract attention by visitors. It is a perfect activity to explore meanwhile you wait for your friend to arrive to the meetup point. This could also become the new meetup point of Stureplan.